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Full-on colour. A monochrome surface with a matte finish where colour takes centre stage. Bold, balanced shades capable of making a space feel any way you choose.

Let’s play with colours.


If we had to choose a signature Ceramic Lab tile, it would probably be Etro. Created in our very own lab, Etro represents the base on which everything else is built: the cement of our factory, a place where we explore, experiment and interact with our surroundings to the point of making it an active part of the results.


History and identity. Materiality and personality. Organic spots of rust and scratched surfaces make Eve a collection full of intent. An industrial-style material that acts as a link between contemporary culture and the passage of time.


Beyond the boundaries of décor and fashion design, Isola is inspired by the most natural version of terrazzo. Textured surfaces in two fundamental colours: white with grey particles and black with slightly mottled particles.

The purest essence of terrazzo in a new essential and innovative version.


Once a classic, reinvented during the Art Deco period, it now returns with a renewed serenity, while retaining the same vitality as always. Coloured particles and mottled flakes complement the base to create a collection full of personality. We could describe it as fresh and carefree, but it could also be sensible and organised.

In reality, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Milky Way

An extraordinary explosion of shapes and colours, of magic, surprise, art and science. An apparent riot of particles, where each detail plays its part so that the whole makes sense. The Natural and Honed finishes provide texture to a graphic rich in nuances.

A combination of details that makes it special.


The collection created with shades of colour, intensity and shine. Experimenting with surfaces has resulted in a collection representing the passage of time, with its own stories to tell.

But not those with an ending, these are stories waiting to be discovered.


Balance between tradition and progress. The charm of clay, which represents the origins of humans beginning to experiment with materials to create more efficient ones. And the beauty of shine as a sign of our ability to take a humble material and turn it into something special.


Sun, the afternoon off, a nap and a good book. Cru represents life’s small pleasures, so simple, yet so essential. Surfaces that invite calm with their matte mottled colours full of harmony. Something that, almost unintentionally, conveys the peace and serenity from which everything else should be born.


Two finishes with irregular patterns, of particular shapes and drops that fill life with a collection born from the art of experimenting. However, this is experimenting in the broadest sense: testing textures and methods, engrossed in an uncertainty that results in unique designs.

The ultimate expression of what we believed that ceramics were capable of being, doing and saying.