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Sun, the afternoon off, a nap and a good book. Cru represents life’s small pleasures, so simple, yet so essential. Surfaces that invite calm with their matte mottled colors full of harmony. Something that, almost unintentionally, conveys the peace and serenity from which everything else should be born.

Milky Way

An extraordinary explosion of shapes and colors, of magic, surprise, art and science. An apparent riot of particles, where each detail plays its part so that the whole makes sense. The combination of colors of the scales add magic to a graphic already rich in nuances.

A combination of details that makes it special.


A collection created with shades of color, intensity and shine. Experimenting with surfaces has resulted in a collection representing the passage of time, with its own stories to tell.

But not those with an ending, these are stories waiting to be discovered.


Irregular patterns, particular shade variations and color combinations that fill a collection born from the art of experimenting. However, this is experimenting in the most artisan sense of the word. Testing textures, mixtures, methodologies and finishes. engrossed in an uncertainty that results in unique designs.

The ultimate expression of what we believed that ceramics were capable of being, doing and saying.


To dare is to be optimistic, is to be non-conformist. To dare is to build something special and move forward. That it is not enough for us to live halfway. This is how this collection is, bold and atypical. With a range of colors designed to surprise. We combine creativity and daring… et voilà!

Cuit Lab

Beyond decorative barriers and fashion design. Cuit Lab is inspired by the most contemporary version of fired clay. The material from which ceramics are born.

With Cuit Lab we find textured surfaces with irregular edges with a chamotte present but integrated. All the charm of terracotta in a new version that is so essential, yet so innovative.

Verso Lab

The most daring elegance. The one that crosses the limits from time to time. The one that is governed by an apparent disorder but knows very well the how and why of every detail. Verso Lab, with soft colors and pieces manipulated one by one, shows the B side of a material as noble as it is historic, Travertine. Both in its Vein Cut and Cross Cut versions, Verso reveals the most daring classicism.